Northgate Development – Copper Ridge

With the expansion and widening of I-25 well underway, I felt it was a good opportunity to re-visit some of the development that is happening in Northgate.  While the widening of the interstate will benefit everyone who lives and drives between North Colorado Springs and Monument, one of the bigger beneficiaries will be Northgate (as well as Gleneagle).

You’ve probably seen the activity happening just east of I-25 and south of the existing Northgate Boulevard interchange.  The Bass Pro Shops is very close to completion (scheduled to open later this year) with several new restaurants to follow close behind.

To facilitate easy access to this new retail area, the Northgate interchange is being redesigned as part of the I-25 wideningCopper Ridge Masterplan-Thumb project.  The benefits to this are many.  The existing interchange is dated and dangerous and does not meet current CDOT safety requirements.  The entrance and exit points are being moved south to allow for greater entry and exit space.  The new interchange will eventually become the connection point to the new Powers Boulevard Extension which is planned to connect to the rest of Powers Blvd at Hwy. 83.  Lastly, this is where the Copper Ridge development is happening, allowing for easy access to the new retail development from Interstate 25.  You can find the plan map for this interchange and the Copper Ridge development here or by clicking on the thumbnail.

The Gleneagle / Northgate sections of town are hot right now.  Houses in those areas are going, on average, for 100% of their asking prices.  For a detailed update on activity in that part of town in the first half of 2013, check out our recently posted Gleneagle Market Update video podcast.  Homes in this area sell quicker than the average home in the rest of El Paso County, so if you’re thinking about moving…now’s the time!

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